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WaterTrack Rapid™
WaterTrack Rapid™ is designed to provide a rapid and simple farm water balance for a selected period and irrigated crop but provides rigorous and accurate results.

WaterTrack Rapid™ provides a simple web based approach to calculating a seasonal farm water balance. As well as calculating total season water use and loss it also provides essential irrigation performance indicators for any farm. These performance indicators are an important starting point in establishing the water use efficiency of a farming operation and assisting with potential infrastructure improvements. Knowing where and how much water is lost is the first step in reducing losses. Results should also form the basis of calculations for future estimated farm water requirements. WaterTrack Rapid™ does not have prediction capabilities but provides accurate calculations which account for crop water use as well as effective rainfall and the capture of rainfall runoff or captured overland flow.

WaterTrack Rapid™ is accessed on the web and has been designed to require only basic levels of user input to provide accurate calculations. It is a rapid and low cost entry level water balance calculator.
WaterTrack Divider™
WaterTrack Divider™ is an extension of Rapid which not only provides the total volume of water used but also the water lost to production. WaterTrack Divider™ also divides the losses into components:
  • storage losses
  • channel losses
  • drain losses
  • operational losses and
  • in-field application losses.
This package was developed in response to customer demand for a product which delivers more than Rapid™ but still only requires basic user input. Like Rapid™, WaterTrack Divider™ is web based and requires the same data as Rapid™ plus basic details of storages, channels and drains including evaporation factors and seepage rates which can be measured using the data from storage meter, or selected from default values. WaterTrack Divider™ also incorporates a Benefit/Cost calculator which compares the value of water saved with the cost of any infrastructure changes required to achieve that saving. This has been included to allow irrigators to objectively review infrastructure changes.
WaterTrack Optimiser™
WaterTrack Optimiser™ is a comprehensive water balance program which calculates water consumption in every element of a farm everyday including;
Seepage and Evaporation in
Supply system
Taildrains and tailwater return systems
Deep percolation and soil evaporation from fields
Plant water use
Effective rainfall
Harvested rainfall runoff and flood plain harvesting, and
Stormwater blowout
Accurate models and operational templates for each element of a farm's irrigation operation are used to quantify water use and losses. This provides an extremely valuable farm management tool. A unique feature of WaterTrack Optimiser™ is its ability to predict future irrigation performance. At any time before planting or during the season the prediction module allows accurate future water budgeting INCLUDING losses. Future water use can be predicted using a dry, average and/or wet historical season to allow for objective risk management with limited water.